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Title: Pro-X Drivers
Post by: George Herrin on May 01, 2007, 08:20:27 am
#16 Jeannie Riley

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Owner:Jeannie Riley
Driver: Jeannie Riley
Builder LArry  Favors
Home Town:Rogersville Ala.
Year, Make and Model: AYP
Engine type:Highly modifid Briggs OHV 15hp
Occupation: Business Owner/Mechanic
Sponsored by:Herrin Mower Sports and Low Bucks Racing Chassis and Engines, Elgin Auto Repair, Bertrand Hydraulics
Accomplishments: Automtive Engine rebuilder and Owner of ELGIN AUTO REPAIR. I have raced Street Stock stock cars, Dirt track cars, Roll Over compe:censored:ions, I simply love dealing with anything Mechanical, and I love racing of anykind. I have even done some figure 8 Racing

2004-STOCK 4th place points

2005-STOCK 2nd place points
2005-SUPER STOCK 4th place points

2006-SUPER STOCK 3rd place points
2006-SUPER SPORTSMAN 4th place points
2006-PRO-X Champion

2007-SUPER STOCK 2nd place points
2007-SUPER SPORTSMAN Champion/Alabama State Champion
2007-PRO-X Champion
2007- Driver of the Year

2008-driver of the year
2008-superstock champion
2008-super-sportsman champion
2088-pro-x champion
2008-Tenn state champion pro-x
2008- All-American National champion pro-x
2008 ARMA 5th in points pro-x