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Title: complete beginner
Post by: hockey199 on November 07, 2007, 06:28:06 pm
hey i am just getting into lawn mower racing.  I dont even have a garden tractor yet!  I was wondering what a good machine to buy would be and about how many horses it should have? once i get a tractor i was also wondering what modifications i should make.  Please note i do not intend to join an orginization and race on a real track so modifications allowed in differant class doesnt bother me.  i just want it to go as fast as i can make it. i have alot of mechanical experience and will do any modification by myself or with my father.  also about how much will it cost? thank you

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: hockey199 on November 07, 2007, 06:30:11 pm
srry if it is in wrong forum

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: rebelracing16 on November 08, 2007, 06:43:59 am
First of all the the BTMRA does not promote unsafe mowers. Keep this in mind a lawnmower is only designed to go 8 MPH, so there is a lot of safety precautions that has to be taken care of before you make it faster! So what you need to do is join ARMA and get a rule book, read it find a mower not a garden tractor take some pictures and post in this topic, then do the things that are needed to make it safe and post pic's of your work as you go like brakes, frontwheel bearings,factory steering is no good and wheels have to be bolted on and not with e-clips ECT! Making a mower go fast can cost a lot of money. It's not all in the engine you have to have a safe chassis also. So if you will join ARMA and get a rule book then we'll help you all we can!

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: hockey199 on November 08, 2007, 02:27:45 pm
dude i am just looking for a fun winter project i dont care what the arma rule book says i am never goin to race competivley i just wanted something to do that fight  have a fun  factor to it i understand what you said about brakes and everthing but i mean can you forget therulebok for a second and just tell me what i could do to it to go faster?

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: George Herrin on November 08, 2007, 03:00:57 pm
As Staff members of State registered Clubs we have a responsiblity to our members and the new guys to ensure safety. And in doing that we will not forget our rule book that is our bible and what we go by. Want to have fun going fast go by a 4 wheeler or go kart. =We race mowers and in doing that we do it on sanctioned tracks. They are not toys nor are they something to play with. There fore I advise you think twice before you askl someone esle especially my Vice President to ferget the the rulebook we worked so hard to enforce. Further more If you want to continue to be on this site I would advise you to act acordingly.

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: hockey199 on November 08, 2007, 09:00:06 pm
ok.  First of all dont rush to your vise pres. aid let him  handle it if he thinks i was to rash in that post he will say something.  i do not want another four wheeler i already have one aswell and dirt bikes, trials bikes, and tractors.  I do not want a go-kart either i want a project.  me and a buddy of mine were gunna get a garden tractor and have fun ripping the engin and tranny apart aswell as everything else on it and put it back together. however this project would be suprisinly boring if we didnt have a objective in this and i am more then sure that that we would get bored half way through and leave it outside some were and forget about it for the next couple of years. however i am rethinking getting into garden tractors because if everyone in the community is the stuck up.  I thought we might have fun taking it apart and puttuing it back to gethher and mayb having a little bit of fun on it after wards.  i guess not. and dude you taking this all serios "there not toys nor are they something to play with" you do relize your racing LAWN MOWERS it is just something tomess around on it is nota real sport and never will be now seing as your an adminstrater i suggest that you atleast try to spell words correctly in your post if it so serios and i dont think that you should be making realtions between  some stupid rule book on "how to race lawn mowers correctly" and the holy bible  if you were that oficail and important i am sure that you would not have made such a comment and there fore i have 0 respect for you and i sugest that you stop taking some "forum administrating job" so seriosly

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: George Herrin on November 09, 2007, 06:47:42 am
I am going to leave this topic for all to see we do not tolerate disrespect nor BACK YARD BASHERS> You want to build a race mower great we will help. You want to come into our house (forum) and act like this character or insist on BYB and then be disrespectful as he has so be it. YOU will be history and not allowed back on!!! :cop:

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: rebelracing16 on November 09, 2007, 07:12:09 am
First of all you ask about how to make a racing lawn mower and this is a racing lawn mower forum It's not a back yard basher forum and we have guide lines to follow. I'm  sorry if you are to young or something to see were we are coming from. It's people like you that give this sport a bad name.This is a great way to have fun, but you have to be serious about the sport or you will end up in the hospital and we will not have nothing to do with that! If it's not worth the little bit of money to do it right then you as well go find a new way to hurt your self. We at BTMRA will help you all we can but only to stay in the guide lines we have to go by.So if you want to do this right then good if not then you need to find a basher group to go with.Sorry if you can't under stand our reasoning! As for George and some of the others on this forum well they are like walking and talking library and could help you build a championship racer for as little money as possible and show you how to have the time of your life but we will have to stay in our guide lines.

Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: hotrod83 on November 25, 2007, 02:40:18 pm
George, when are you going to bann this guy. I think his Mom and Dad need to teach him some manners and respect, before he even thinks about building a lawn mower. I don't let inmates talk to me like that. I'll be damed if some young kid will. If I ever met him at a track I'd take him behind the wood shed and teach him some manners. Hockey199 I don't know who you think you are, but I know these people personaly and they are my friends. On and off the track. I don't appreciate how you are talking to them. They are only trying to help you and watching out for your safty as well. I don't have the athourty to bann you from this fourm, but on my fourm I do. If I ever see you on it rest ashur I will bann you.
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Title: Re: complete beginner
Post by: George Herrin on November 25, 2007, 03:01:12 pm
Appreciate the support Michael. He is BANNED. Just as soon as his mouth went to festering and spewing disrespect he was gone!!!! We will not tolerate that type of behavior on here nor anywhere else. And even though I couldn't take him out behind the shed I was able and did get rid of him. So no worries there.